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My name is Alejandra, 21 years old from Hartford: I believe sex was created to enjoy and explore. As for the guys, i don't like married guys, and i don't like guys with small dicks. Never had one, wanting to try. He has to be tall and skinny.

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Masters of Making love S02E12 (2018) Lizzy Caplan

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Nique456: I'm half Greek and half swedish and i didn't get a word of what they said

M Jordan: When I'm swimming with my friends, they all yell when I'm in the water, OMG! THERE'S A FIN IN THE WATER! Or when I meet people who don't know much about Aussies, they always ask if I drink 'Fosters'. Even though these annoy mean, I love my Finnish and Australian heritage XD

Melv Douc: Next dating an Icelandic woman

Devin Smith: Wtf no that wasnt french.

Lame Duck: I think a lot of it depends on the person speaking, not just on the language itself. For example, the Croatian guy was speaking in a sexier voice with more flair, so I'd rate his language as the sexiest for sure, but maybe that has more to do with /him/, not necessarily the language. Still, a fun video.

Bianca Biuu: Americans love to pick fights with people on the streets. Girl be like OMG, do you see this girl down the street? what is her shoe? OMG I'm serious. That happened to me and to people around me more than once basically everytime I'm out of the country

Rahul Sen: Think I need to visit Portugal

LeDore38: I need an Irish girl in my life

Altarec: Polish men, pls? :D

I Know Do You: Jsuis francaise jai strictement rien xompris G cru ct du russe

Nabi Sonyeo: The french traduction is false

Valygar: Ugh I wish I had a colombian girlfriend or wife but they only like wealthy guys

Ted Bundy: Pretty much true

KETimiko: Wtf, nothing's more effortless and fake than a suit x'D

Daeja Love: I expected them doing shrooms and jump to the water while squalling like a pig haha

Brock Landers: Here's my guess: she is Russian, but her Russian accent when speaking English is forced. I'm guessing she learned English very young in Canada and actually speaks it quite well.

Ana Amoedo: Im from Iran

Rina Gracić: Yes, it is always nice to meet a woman who appreciates directness and punctuality! It certainly saves on time and drama!

AnkuTube: Dutch men are similar

Poppy Morris: Ahh.those English gentlemen#

Om Sujesh: I'm polish and I can't understand the girl who speaks our language


David Osorio: Lol. the girls you call beautiful must be village girls, those arent even average in Moscow ! hahaha, im very serious

Laura Pona: And were the best in bed

MayDayEVO: The shouting part is a stereotype

Lizzy Swan: She is amazing!

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  • The numbers of the world population well not even get close to the number of people in the comment section lying that they are from England and London they are probably from the middle east or Africa.
  • But besides that, we are very warm people, and you can easily get along with.
  • I find black guys attractive, but only christian or atheist nigerians are okay :)
  • Tbh I'm kinda disappointed on the men respond one no one said anything about gold diggers and on this one everyone is talking about the sexiest language being I'm rich and like ? I know more women on average are gold diggers but even then there's some men who are con artists, it's just kinda disappointed idk why I'm ranting about this

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My name is Carolina, 33 years well-versed from Wichita Falls: Text me to go to fun. Have horseplay and talk to you soon I want it from a man - Sex where he does all of the work. I identical people with a sense of bet and that are not afraid to push their limits.

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#1 01.12.2017 at 10:12 NOREEN:
As for books, Lindsey suggests the definitive classics but there're now also books for more laid back, more playful styles of bondage.

#2 04.12.2017 at 07:38 AUGUSTA:
Au contraire, his last few episodes on asexuals were very good!

#3 11.12.2017 at 13:46 LORENE:
Who the heck want to eat shit.

#4 19.12.2017 at 22:50 JOSEPHINE:
Overall, good content and educational. Stevie's presentation was kind of corny.

#5 20.12.2017 at 07:43 ROSANNE:
Oh no! Does this mean less shows? Dr Doe

#6 25.12.2017 at 09:25 TISHA:
For ages (and probably until I get counseling I felt like it was my fault because Im usually a really ferocious person, but back then I was frozen. No is 'No'. right? Meh. I will probably never stop feeling ashamed.

#7 02.01.2018 at 10:25 ALYSON:
I didn't notice the toilet paper.

#8 07.01.2018 at 15:37 LORAINE:
Any resources on deepening those forms of love?

#9 13.01.2018 at 14:16 JESSIE:
Is it wrong В that this video gave me a bonner?

#10 18.01.2018 at 20:17 DEIRDRE:
An apple turnover? this woman seems to be more interested in making me bust than I am. what's next? folded pizza? a quiznos sub? rare steak?

#11 22.01.2018 at 16:14 LEAH:
I love your sweatshirt. I need one for myself. <3

#12 23.01.2018 at 10:34 JANA:
This is complete bullshit. You're not discriminating if you say you have a preference for certain hair or eye colors. You're not if you don't like smoking and refuse to date smokers. Homosexuals aren't sexist for refusing to date the opposite sex. So how does having a preference for skin tone equal racism? People aren't wrong for what they are or aren't attracted to.

#13 25.01.2018 at 05:53 KATHLEEN:
Never a dull moment with Dr. Doe, nor is any of it ever awkward or talking down to us like the sex ed classes we had in school. Fantastic job on these videos!