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My name is Mercedes, 35 years old from Stockton: I have pics to swap. I want him to have a nice smile. I like movies, music, sports, reading, writing. Feminine and petite, love masculine men.

My ex german anne two

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Jordan Kidd: I'm screwed cuz i'm wishy-washy and go with flow

Victoria B: Also in my opinion it's possible to love multiple people at the same time. I find it quite sad that many people don't realize that. It makes me uncomfortable if a guy thinks that I only belong to him. I'm nobody's property. You can't own a person. The best idea is to either stay single or find a spouse/spouses that think the same way about relationships, love, sex and all that kind of stuff.

Jason Rougeau: I like English because I understand it best

Julia Redii: Omg so true! LOL

Benchmstr: Big Shaq is Jamaican

Trudy Nguyen: Are Slovak women the same then?

Irish Trash: Great video as always! You're aweeeesome!

Nika Azikuri: I loved the Rammstein reference!

Pavlena: Where I'm from people talk a lot , we share sooo much with each other and yes, it's something common to hook up with someone but most of the ppl prefer to get to know each other !

DJ Gold: There are few countries which i like most in the world. Israel is one of them. best wishes for the country. i hope i get such girl haha.

MrMusicRookie: Please consider making Irish or Swiss girl, thanks! :D

Foxitty Fox: The NIGERIAN GUY!

Mayoite160: That's pretty accurate about many Norwegian girls as well!

Mateo D: Interesting video. Found the bit about watching hockey a bit unusual though. I thought Russians were the only other country as obsessed with hockey as us Canadians. :)

Evilfairy188: So i'm a Dutchman, and believe me, the most of this is not correct! The guys here love physical contact and i dont know why they made it up like dutch guys are not romantic. And they kinda made it look like were not loving womans body. In the south and east the guys love it when a Woman flirts with them. Just visit Holland if you really want to know, this video is not correct :)



TheZBoss10: I cried, that was funny

Brennie Heart: FUCK YOU RUSSIA RUSSIAN I Saudi Everyone want to date russian girls because they are number one whores LMFAO i wont even want to touch them ugly whitebtcheswhores

GINGERALER: Croatian and Serbian language are exactly the same language.

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Katrina Kaif In Kiss
My name is Gail, 22 years old from Hartford: Shopping ,champagne ,soft kisses and all I do find myself undisclosed off to dramatize expunge me a animated orgasm often.

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Are. are her books arranged by color? :O

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Nick: . which is interressting because the sex, second season. ;)

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I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that there are women who get paid to have their vag prodded by dozens of students, who are not prostitutes :P

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SSRIs make sex longer? So that's why it takes forever. I had never connected those dots.

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people like you and Laci Green and the internet in general because my last

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Omg you people. She listed those ways of determining sex to show how nothing really can identify sex. Even DNA because it can be so varied. What is sex if genitalia can be varied and if chromosomes can be different than the norm? How do you determine sex if it's not down to a simple penis or vagina? Sex is just as varied as gender.

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I'm Canadian, so my sexual education was relatively strong, but it was highly biology focused and mostly about pregnancy and STIs. When we eventually covered homosexuality (and obviously bisexuality or asexuality was not part of this range it was in the context of a religion and morals class. Not to disparage it, but I want more, fuller and broader teachings on sexuality beyond straight and gay sex it isn't as binary as that.