Mg Midget Casting Numbers

Midget Numbers Mg Casting
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DESCRIPTION: First real 'B' series was in It basically followed the post system, but put 'BP' infront to denote 'B' series, 'P'ush rod ohv. The first car to use the 'B' series was the M.

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MG midget engine? - Morris Minor Owners Club

cc Engine Unit Identification. For the model year, the Sprite & Midget were given the cc version of Austin's 'A' series engine. On non USA Sprite MkIV's & Midget MkIII's, five different versions of the ubiquitous 'A' series were used, identified by their serial number prefixes (dates given as model years. Number). This number is unique to the vehicle and can be used for identification purposes. Why the chassis number and not the registration mark? All of our club for guidance. Marque/Model. Page number. MG. MGA: , 2. MGB: GT, Roadster. 2 - 3. MGB GT V8. 3. MGC: GT, Roadster. 3. Midget: Mark I,II,III. 3 - 4. they were designed to give reasonable engine performance with maximum economy. '' casting number heads One frequently mentioned cylinder head for use on cc and cc engines (the same head) is the '' casting number head found on cc Cooper, MG , Wolseley and cc MG Midget/.

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  • I can't find my VIN badge as i took it off before restoration but was looking at the block on the side there are numbers 12G I am trying to figure out what these numbers mean and how to decode them. I just dont want to buy a bunch of parts and not be the right ones ha. Thanks for your help.

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Mg Midget Casting Numbers
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That is the casting number on our Midget obstruct.

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It was the group of numbers/letters after that denoted the fitment, ie, 18VF for a UK specification engine on the MGB. . 9DB Austin A40 Mk2 cc 10D or 10DD Austin Healey Sprite Mk1 cc 9CG or 9CC Sprite Mk2/ MG Midget Mk1 cc 10CG Sprite Mk3/ MG Midget Mk2 cc 10CC (2" main bearings.) . Number). This number is unique to the vehicle and can be used for identification purposes. Why the chassis number and not the registration mark? All of our club for guidance. Marque/Model. Page number. MG. MGA: , 2. MGB: GT, Roadster. 2 - 3. MGB GT V8. 3. MGC: GT, Roadster. 3. Midget: Mark I,II,III. 3 - 4. 9 Sep Hi everyone. just acquired a new engine. i was told it was from a midget. engine number has disappeared and i'm unsure if it is a midget engine after all. block number is 12G Any ideas guys? Morris Minor - Smithy. morris Minor Friendly: Posts: Joined: Wed May 25 pm.

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