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DESCRIPTION: Who is Kylie Jenner dating? Many famous men have dated Kylie Jenner, and this list will give you more details about these lucky dudes.

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Who Has Kylie Jenner Dated? | List of Kylie Jenner Dating History with Photos

First they were friends, then they were 'dating', then they broke up then she turned Can anyone keep up with the drama?. 5 Feb Not long after Kylie split from long-time boyfriend Tyga, she was spotted with Travis at Coachella (where all young celebs go to meet and hook up). Initially, it was reported that the two were just friends and that Kylie was simply trying to make her ex jealous. But, when the pair was spotted a week or so later. 27 Jul Before Kendall Jenner moves on to A$AP Rocky, let's remember the other guys ( and girls) she's reportedly dated.

Kylie Jenner just served up a lot of hot tea — literally!

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While the famous drinking ploy is normally played with alcohol, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians the leading part opted for something more baby-friendly as her drink of choice. During the game, Kylie took a whopping utter of 13 drinks and confessed to a plethora of naughty things, including lying to a partner, spending bucks Kylie Jenner Who Is She Hookup a strip nightspot, hooking up in a bathroom, and fooling around in a pool.

Kylie Jenner Who Is She Hookup
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However, the mom-to-be remained quiet on the baby information in the video. Once famous in the course of her sexy selfies and skimpy outfitsKylie even went as so far as to hide her growing bump in a loose-fitting Christmas sweater.

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When Kylie Jenner revealed she had prearranged origin to a spoil popsy on Feb. It was reported ad nauseam that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians VIP was in the family way her fundamental stripling with boyfriend Travis Scott Ordinance, and the coarse selfie prima donna disappeared from communal media.

Without considering numerous reports that the duo was on the rocks over her pregnancy, the makeup big cheese and rapper non-standard like happier than endlessly. And after seeing the solicitous video she posted documenting her pregnancy, every one is wondering: When did Kylie and Travis start dating? Scroll out in the interest of a timeline of the lovebirds' relationship: Not yearn after Kylie split from long-time boyfriend Tyga Ban, she was spotted with Travis at Coachella where all little ones celebs admire to bump into rendezvous with and palm up.

Things To Say To Someone Who Cheated On You 526 Kylie Jenner Who Is She Hookup Munchkin Hanging Himself In The Wizard Of Oz MOST ATTRACTIVE BREAST IN THE WORLD And after seeing the sweet video she posted documenting her pregnancy, everyone is wondering: Feb 5, 1: Tyga broke up with his fiancee Blac Chyna. The famous couple are "taking some space" from each other and are "currently in an off phase", according to reports. A post shared by Kylie kyliejenner on May 3, at 9: Kylie Jenner Who Is She Hookup However, when Tyga and Kylie called it quits earlier this year after being together for more than two years, the public pondered who would be the next man to win the latter's affection. Despite numerous reports that the duo was on the rocks during her pregnancy, the makeup mogul and rapper seem happier than ever. He also made it clear that he did not leave his Kylie Jenner Who Is She Hookup to be with Kylie. However they allegedly broke it off after rumours of Kylie Jenner Who Is She Hookup and Kylie's relationship. According to reports, the pair split before the Met Gala and have no plans on getting back together. However, Tyga claimed he was still sexually active with Jenner around the time she would have conceived, and demanded a paternity test. BEST FREE HOOKUP SITE IN THE UK Giving Him Space Get Him Back

Hip-hop is more than familiar with the Kardashian empire ample to Kim Kardashian's marriage to Kanye West, as in fine as her early previously to flings with other athletes and entertainers prior to tying them knot. But in recent years, the culture has also been introduced to her younger sister, Kylie Jenner , who has stepped into the role of culture's resident "it" girl after a much scrutinized glow-up made her the envy and hanker after of both men and women.

Although Kylie appeared on the Keeping Up With The Karashians reality show, she found herself on the radar of hip-hop fans when she began dating rapper Tyga, a controversial pairing that would make the two one of the most talked-about couples in all of entertainment. Manner, when Tyga and Kylie called it quits earlier that year after being together for more than two years, the public pondered who would be the next confine to win the latter's affection. When news broke that past April that it was Travis Scott , the rumor mill went into overdrive, with many speculating close by the pair's later as a combine.

Travis, who's a budding superstar growing into a description in his own right, being in a relationship with one of the more buzzworthy women on the planet makes it lots more enticing, if only for the spectacle that is sure to encircle it. And with reports of Kylie Jenner possibly being pregnant with Travis' child , it appears that their love affair won't be losing steam any time quickly. Weeks after reports of Kylie Jenner calling it quits with Tyga after a two year on-and-off-again relationship, Jenner was spotted in the company of rapper Travis Scott during this year's Coachella music anniversary.

Captured on screen holding hands while walking, news of the two celebs' interaction quickly spread across social media. This left fans pondering if LaFlame and Jenner were playing it up for the camera, or an existing item. Days after first making waves at Coachella, Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner made their second public looks together while attending a playoff unflinching between the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Hold Hands at 2018 Coachella

6 Mar Kylie Jenner responds to rumors claiming Travis Scott hooked up with one of her sisters in the past. 27 Jul Before Kendall Jenner moves on to A$AP Rocky, let's remember the other guys ( and girls) she's reportedly dated. First they were friends, then they were 'dating', then they broke up then she turned Can anyone keep up with the drama?.

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