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je t'aime (prononciation)

16 Oct I was wondering how to pronounce Je t'aime (I love you) if anybody can help thanx Oh and i forgot to add this i would aslo like to know if that is. In the News: Pinky Thakkar (silent "h"), an engineer from Mumbai, started the Web site after she moved to San Jose, Calif., and mispronounced the "J" in "San Jose," not giving it the "H" sound used in Spanish words Read More. Je t'aime bien (literally: I love you much). To change “love” to “like”, you need to modify it with an adverb.

Je T Aime How To Pronounce
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16 Oct I was wondering how to pronounce Je t'aime (I love you) if anybody can help thanx Oh and i forgot to add this i would aslo like to know if that is. Use the "tu" form. It's not likely you'd be telling someone formally or someone unknown that you love them! "Tu" and "vous" are the two forms used when addressing another person. "Tu" is used for people you know well or children. In " je t'aime," "tu" is contracted to "t'" because of the succeeding vowel. Literally, it translates. Hey y'all, I know there are people from all over the world that go to the forum. Any French folks here? I am having a friendly argument with a friend about the pronunciation of this French word: "Jet'aime". She says it is pronounced as " Jaymee". I say it pronounced as "Jaytahm" or "Jay-time". Who is correct?.

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