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OMG: Are Friends stars Monica and Chandler dating in real life?

22 Feb All of the cast - minus Matthew Perry - recently reunited to celebrate the career of James Burrows, who directed several episodes of the hit sitcom. Read more: Matthew Perry doesn't remember three years of Friends. David Schwimmer revealed that some of the cast DID sleep together (Image: Getty). 21 Sep Everyone knows about all the romances in Friends and how many people each person slept with, but did you know that loads of the cast were dating OUTSIDE of the film set? Like, Jennifer Aniston ACTUALLY went out with Josh-wa, aka tate Donovan? AND Phoebe's husband Mike, aka Paul Rudd?!. 22 May Cohen's third and final question was whether there was a Friends story line that either "jumped the shark" or that Perry wouldn't allow. "There was a story line on Friends where Chandler went to a male strip joint because he really liked the sandwiches," Perry said. "And I called up, and I said, 'Let's not do.

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They were together notwithstanding 10 years on the hit sitcom with a beau on-screen romances - but did anything happen off-screen?

Were they ever more than just Friends?

Friends Mould Dating In Natural Life
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That is the enquiry that avid fans of the sitcom have been critical to know and now we capability finally be getting the answer.

The cast, who were missing Matthew Perry, were part of the most flush sitcoms ever and during its year existence between andswapped partners on-screen.

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21 Sep Everyone knows about all the romances in Friends and how many people each person slept with, but did you know that loads of the cast were dating OUTSIDE of the film set? Like, Jennifer Aniston ACTUALLY went out with Josh-wa, aka tate Donovan? AND Phoebe's husband Mike, aka Paul Rudd?!. 27 Feb The 'Friends' cast is getting open about their off-air hookups!. 19 May The cast of the legendary sitcom were paid quite nicely during their tenure on the series (like a million bucks an episode nice), so one caller wanted to know if he's still getting some equally-sweet residual checks. "Well I get a little something and I go, 'Hey, that's nice.' Yeah, there's no real punchline for this,".

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