George Lucas Is An Asshole

Asshole An Lucas George Is
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4 Things 'Star Wars' Fans Need to Accept About George Lucas

18 Dec The most radical moment in Rian Johnson's sprawling, exhilarating, frequently frustrating The Last Jedi doesn't involve lightsabers, porgs, or Laura Dern kicking so much ass that she briefly transforms a First Order battleship into a glorious piece of brightly shining abstract art. No, the real game-changer. George Lucas is now officially considered by me to be a jerk. My cousin is a graphic designer who works for Hasbro, and him and 7 other people were in charge of making the packaging for all the new starwars toys. Now, George Lucas invited them and their families to california to show him the packaging. 14 Feb Han was reaching for his blaster because he was about to use it. 2) After shooting Greedo, Han walks away coolly, like he's done this kind of thing before, and is kind of bored of it. 3) George Lucas is an idiot. Whether George Lucas is an idiot and Han is a badass or George Lucas is an idiot and Han is a.

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George Lucas Is An Asshole
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  • 18 Dec For all the things that he has gotten wrong in his career as a mythmaker and world-builder and filmmaker and Extremely Satisfied-Seeming Beard-Haver, George Lucas has gotten the grand things right. He's seemingly constantly borne aloft on a cloud of insensitive self-regard, but conjointly he created Big name Wars.
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20 Sep Last week's release of the Star Wars saga on Blu-Ray has reignited the debate over creator George Lucas's ongoing revisions to his most treasured series . in Temple of Doom, and it was somewhat sad to see the kid jettisoned for boring- ass Sean Connery in 's Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. 1 Jan [–]robin 1 point2 points3 points 7 years ago (0 children). George Lucas is a TOTAL asshole. Oh sure, he got lucky with the 1st-released trilogy, but then blew all that karma with the 2nd triligy. Midi-fuckin-clorians! The Graphic novels ( comics) being put out by Dark Horse are by far the better story-tellers. 20 Dec There is a single inherent truth about Twitter that everyone on there knows, children and adults and even the inexplicables who tweet things like "another solid pizza experience thank's so much,,,,," at Pizza Hut's official account. Before any and everything else, the existence of each and every tweet comes.

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